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We help banks and credit unions step into the growing and popular
Earned Wage Access business

We offer a B2C White-Label Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to banks and credit unions that automates Earned Wage Access (EWA) for their retail clients.

Thanks to AcceleWage, banks and credit unions can offer their retail customers EWA, acquire and retain direct deposit customers, increase revenues and at the same time contribute to the financial wellness of their communities.

According to a recent survey from the American Banker, American consumers expect their community banks and credit unions to offer EWA. The time to enter the EWA market for banks and credit unions is now!



As of 2020, 56 millions of Americans used EWA when they needed it to meet immediate expenses before payday. 

At present, unregulated EWA providers offer consumers the possibility to receive part of their earned wage on debit cards and checking accounts, and by doing so attract billions of dollars of paycheck deposits away from banks and credit unions.


As a result, banks and credit unions are losing customers and revenues to EWA providers and to other digital banks offering early pay features to their customers.

EWA is a financial product by nature, and a low-risk alternative to expensive and increasingly controversial overdraft and payday loans, repaid through automated payroll deductions, which should be offered by banks and credit unions. 

Thanks to AcceleWage, banks and credit unions can offer more competitive and safer EWA solutions to American workers. 



AcceleWage is a frictionless B2C solution enabling retail clients, in a few clicks, to share their employment history and wage data with and switch their next paycheck deposit to their bank or credit union in order to get immediate and instant access to their earned wages at any time before payday, which is then repaid through automated payroll deductions at payday. 

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Income & employment verification 

Direct deposit 


Access to EWA / Repayments through payroll deduction

AcceleWage currently covers 80% of the US population based on each retail client's consent to share their payroll data. There is no need of integrations with any employer's payroll platform.




Bruno Gremez - Co-CEO

Samir Kasmi - Co-CEO

Tel 206-453-1279


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