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  • Samir Kasmi

Accelewage Joins the Symitar Vendor Integration Program

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

- VIP enables Accelewage to integrate with Episys -

Seattle, WA – Accelewage today announced that it has joined the Symitar® Vendor Integration Program (VIP). Participation in the program will provide Accelewage with access to Symitar’s technical resources to enable Accelewage to integrate with Episys. The Vendor Integration Program is designed to help ensure that Symitar’s customers can easily deploy third-party products.

Accelewage integrates with Episys via SymXchange™, a services-based programming interface that enables third-party vendors and credit unions to access the platform’s core data and business rules. The integrity of data is maintained throughout any data exchange, because access to business rules and data is managed through a service layer which governs these interactions.

Accelewage offers a Software-as-a-Service to banks and credit unions that automates Earned Wage Access (EWA) to employees of select employers. Thanks to Accelewage’s integration with Episys’, credit unions using Episys can implement an EWA program in just a few weeks. Accelewage is already live with Coast360 Federal Credit Union, an Episys client (press release).

“EWA is in very high demand amongst employers and employees in the US and now is the time for credit unions to enter this booming market ” says Bruno Gremez co-CEO of Accelewage. “Thanks to Accelewage, credit unions can attract and keep direct deposit members, increase revenues and contribute to the financial wellness of people in their communities.” adds Samir Kasmi co-CEO of Accelewage.

Symitar’s VIP takes the customer out of the middle, providing vendors with direct access to Symitar’s technical resources and test systems. VIP inclusion is not an endorsement of the vendor’s product.

About Symitar

Symitar®, a division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY), is a provider of integrated computer systems for credit unions of all sizes. Symitar has been selected as the primary technology partner by more than 800 credit unions, serving as a single source for integrated, enterprise-wide automation and as a single point of contact and support. Additional information about Symitar is available at

About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

Jack Henry (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of technology solutions primarily for the financial services industry. We are an S&P 500 company that serves approximately 9,000 clients nationwide through three divisions: Jack Henry Banking® supports banks ranging from community banks to multi-billion-dollar institutions; Symitar® provides industry-leading solutions to credit unions of all sizes; and ProfitStars® offers highly specialized solutions to financial institutions of every asset size, as well as diverse corporate entities outside of the financial services industry. With a heritage that has been dedicated to openness, partnership, and user centricity for more than 40 years, we are well-positioned as a driving market force in future-ready digital solutions and payment processing services. We empower our clients and consumers with the human-centered, tech-forward, and insights-driven solutions that will get them where they want to go. Are you future ready? Additional information is available at

About Accelewage

AcceleWage is a white-label SaaS for banks and credit unions that automates Earned Wage Access for employees of select employers. EWA is a financial wellness benefit that consists of giving employees (of select employers) access to part of their earned wages before payday which increases employees’ productivity and retention. EWA is becoming the new norm in payroll and is increasingly popular among employees and employers in the US.

Thanks to AcceleWage, banks and credit unions can start offering EWA programs in just a few weeks which would allow them to acquire and keep direct deposit clients at low cost, increase revenues and at the same time contribute to the financial wellness of people in their communities.

According to a recent survey from the American Banker: (i) the time to enter the EWA market for banks and credit unions is now; (ii) 77% of EWA users would like to have this service offered by their bank or credit union, (iii) there is strong employer support for EWA programs; (iv) and employers and regulators would welcome EWA programs offered by banks and credit unions for the safe harbor it would provide.

Your credit union can also implement an EWA program. That can be done in just a few weeks. Want more details? Additional information is available at

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