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CU SOL Launches New Benefit Accelewage

Earned Wage Access now a CUSO offering for the Credit Union Marketplace

Albuquerque, NM — CU SOL, an Albuquerque, NM-based CUSO is proud to announce its official launch of Accelewage, an exclusive earned wage access (EWA) program for the credit union industry. Accelewage is a financial wellness benefit that gives employees of participating credit unions access to part of their earned wages before their next paycheck with ease and minimal cost. The program can also be extended to business members and their employees.

“After a year of collaboration and hard work, CU SOL is proud to announce this partnership and benefit program to the credit union movement. We know that this will have a huge impact on our partnering credit unions’ financial wellness goals for both their employees and their business members.” Jonathan Taylor, CEO of CU Sol announced this week.

CU SOL and Accelewage just celebrated the successful integration and program launch at Coast360 FCU, a $500 million credit union. CEO Gener Deliquina is excited to bring this benefit to employees of Guam’s largest local credit union. “Speaking for myself and my employees, Accelewage is a smooth, easy and affordable process that allows us to provide a valuable solution and enhance our employee benefit program. We are just as excited to bring

this out to our community through our business members, in an effort to strengthen member relationships and grow our business membership."

Accelewage Benefits

“Accelewage allows credit unions to provide its employees a valuable financial wellness program. As a more practical alternative to payday lenders and high overdraft or late fees, Accelewage gives access to earned wages when employees need it most.” said Bruno Gremez Co-CEO of Accelewage. “This unique offering strengthens employee retention and allows credit unions to enhance their business member product offering for growth and brand value” adds Samir Kasmi Co-CEO of Accelewage. Consider this new and growing program for your credit union! According to a recent survey from the American Banker, 77% of EWA users would be very likely or likely to use an EWA service if it were offered by their bank or credit union.

Your bank or credit union can also implement an EWA program. That can be done in just a few weeks. Want more details? Get in touch for a demo at

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